This application is made for the purpose of procuring rental of premises and for credit clearance.

By signing this application, you declare that all your statements in this application are true and complete. You authorize the community to which you are applying to verify this information through any means, including consumer reporting agencies and other rental housing owners. If you fail to answer any question or give false information, the community may reject your application, retain all application fees and deposits as liquidated damages for its time and expense, and terminate your right of occupancy.

Applicant(s) has read and understands the above statement and to the best of his/her knowledge states that all facts are true and correct. It is further understood that a credit report and complete verification will be issued by an independent agent. Any applicable application fees must be paid prior to processing of the application and are non-refundable.

If the applicant finds it necessary to cancel a move-in, the Application Deposit will be refunded provided the cancellation takes place within twenty-four (24) hours after submitting an application, regardless of approval status. Application fee is nonrefundable.

Our Company utilizes a credit scoring system that incorporates a statistical model comparing information on your credit profile, such as bill-paying history, the number and type of accounts, late payments, collection actions, outstanding debt, reported rental history, and the age of accounts, to the credit performance of consumers with similar profiles. (A credit scoring model only uses information on the applicant that pertains to credit; it does not use certain characteristics like – race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or familial status in its calculation.) The scoring system awards points for each factor and considers income, monthly rent, & overall credit history to evaluate how creditworthy you are. If there is limited credit history available, income and rental history will be used to evaluate your application and additional deposits may be required.

APPLICATION APPROVAL PROCESS – The approval process will begin when we have received completed applications from all applicants and occupants. The three outcomes from the approval process are accepted, conditional acceptance, or denied. Additional information and or deposits may be required if a conditional acceptance is recommended. If you are denied credit, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires that the creditor give you a notice that tells you the specific reasons your application was rejected or the fact that you have the right to learn the reasons if you ask within 60 days. If a creditor says you were denied credit because you are too near your credit limits on your charge cards or you have too many credit card accounts, you may want to reapply after paying down your balances or closing some accounts. If you are denied credit because of information from a credit report, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires the creditor to give you the name, address and phone number of the credit reporting agency that supplied the information. You should contact that agency to find out what your report said.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or familial status. The undersigned applicant(s) and cosigner(s) hereby consent to allow Our Company, itself or through its designated agents and its employees, to obtain a consumer report and criminal record information, if applicable, on each of us and to obtain and verify each of our credit and employment information for the purpose of determining whether to lease an apartment to me/us. We also agree and understand that owner and its agents and employees may obtain additional consumer reports and criminal record reports, if applicable, on each of us in the future to update or review our account. Upon my/our request, owner will tell me/us whether consumer reports or criminal record reports were requested and the names and addresses of any consumer reporting agency that provided such reports. I have read and understand the Rental Application Acknowledgement stated above. By signing this application, you declare that all your statements in this application are true and complete.